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Revell 03901 1/48 Dassault Rafale C

by Revell

A replica model of the Rafale C, a light and agile multi-purpose fighter aircraft of the Arme de l'air which was successfully deployed in Afghanistan and Libya. 2 pylons with 6 GBU 12 bombs Detailed cockpit Ejection seat Detailed under-carriage Detailed thrust jets Decoy dispenser on the tail 1250 ltr auxiliary tanks Two SCALP EG cruise missile's One 2250 ltr tank 4 MICA guided weapons Authentic representation of the following versions: Rafale C - 330-EF NATO Tigermeet 2012 EC 5/330 Cte d'Argent , Arme de l'Air, BA118 Mont-de-Marsan, 2012 Rafale C - 30-GF EC 2/30 Normandie-Niemen , Arme de l'Air, BA118 Mont-de-Marsan, 2017

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