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Funko Pop! TV: Umbrella Academy - Luther Hargreeves

by Funko



Step into the extraordinary world of Umbrella Academy with the Funko Pop! TV Luther Hargreeves figure. Unleash the power of collectibles with this stylized vinyl portrayal of the iconic character.


We've meticulously crafted Luther Hargreeves in a 3 3/4-inch Pop vinyl form, capturing every detail of the character's essence. This figure comes in a window display box for a perfect showcase.


Own a piece of the Umbrella Academy universe with this Funko Pop! TV collectible. Luther Hargreeves stands ready to join your collection, adding a touch of uniqueness to your display.


Indulge in the charm of the Umbrella Academy with this Luther Hargreeves figure. Perfect for fans and collectors, it's a testament to your love for this extraordinary series.


Bring the magic of Umbrella Academy to life with the Funko Pop! TV Luther Hargreeves figure. It's not just a collectible; it's a gateway to the world of thrilling adventures.

Key Findings

Discover the joy of collecting with this stylized Luther Hargreeves figure. It's more than a toy; it's a connection to the captivating narrative of Umbrella Academy.

Implementation Strategies

Secure your Luther Hargreeves figure now to complete your Umbrella Academy collection. Act swiftly, as these exclusive figures tend to become prized possessions.

Benefits and Challenges

Benefit from the pride of owning an intricately designed Luther Hargreeves collectible. Act quickly, as limited availability poses a challenge for avid collectors.

Conclusion and Future Directions

Don't miss out on the chance to own the Funko Pop! TV Luther Hargreeves figure. Secure yours today and stay tuned for more exciting additions to our collectibles lineup.

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