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Blender Set 'Fruit & Smooth'

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Toys these days are so complex – flashing lights, loud noises, a thousand-and-one whirly toggles and buttons to press. And that’s if they last through the first day!Get back to the basics with beautiful children’s toys that encourage kids to think, explore and discover, and most importantly, use their imaginations. Le Toy Van makes gorgeous painted wooden toys for children that will last through plenty of play, and keep them entertained again and again. More than just momentary play, these are toys worth treasuring.This Honeybake Fruit Smoothie Blender Set looks like it belongs in a doll house…but it actually belongs in yourhouse. Well, in your child’s room to be exact. Your mini chef can whip up any number of creations using this highly detailed set, which includes a (safe!) wooden knife for them to “slice” whole fruits in preparation for their smoothies.Give your child the gift of imagination and let them enjoy all kinds of culinary masterpieces, with Le Toy Van.Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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