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Batmobile 6" - 15.24 cm Figure DC Retro

Batmobile 6" - 15.24 cm Figure DC Retro

Unleash nostalgia with the Batmobile 6" figure from DC Retro - Batman '66. McFarlane Toys brings the iconic Batmobile to life, capturing the essence of the classic TV series. At 15.24 cm, this meticulously crafted figure pays homage to Batman's timeless adventures. Dive into the world of retro charm as you explore the intricate details of this collectible masterpiece. Perfect for enthusiasts and fans alike, the Batmobile 6" figure stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Batman '66. Add a touch of vintage superhero magic to your collection with this must-have from McFarlane Toys.
Batmobile 6" - 15.24 cm
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