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4M 4131SM Science Museum Secret Message Kit

by 4M
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Have fun communicating secret messages with your friends like the real spies do! Send Morse code messages with a cool mini Morse code torch. Write on X ray secret message sheet which could only be read with Decoder Lens. Create invisible messages with Secret Markers. Build a 20 pages Super Spy Journal which compose a secret code library for handy reference and more.
Complete sets included for two agents - write coded messages like the ancient Greeks and Romans. Communicate in Morse Code by torch and write invisible messages only your fellow code breakers can read. Invent your own secret codes and add them to your code library. Contains two complete message kits for two children to play together. More than 40 components included, allowing the players to communicate in up to 9 different secret ways! Lots of activities and fun facts included Suitable for children aged eight and over. The Science Museum has been turning science into a thrilling learning experience for many years, and have added their special seal of approval to a limited range of toys that they believe support their mission and will engage children in all aspects of science and learning.
Contents: 1 x paper set, 1 x card set, 2 x red filter lenses, 1 x plastic binder, 1 x plastic bag, 1 x Morse code torch, 1 x invisible message writer, 1 x invisible message developer, 2 x message capsules, 4 x capsule covers, 1 x double sided sticky tape, 1 x instructions.

Not suitable for children under 3 years, Choking hazard.

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