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Revell Fokker Dr. 1 Triplane Model Kit

by Revell
Sold out
In the First World War history was written by Baron Manfred von Richthofen in his red Fokker tri-plane. The Dr. 1 was the most maneuverable of all the aircraft in use and achieved high rates of climb. The Dr. 1 that was delivered to the troops in June 1917 was withdrawn from the front at the end of 1917, but Richthofen continued to fly it until April 1918.
Model kit with new mould
Fine surface details
Detailed cockpit with joystick and seat
Two detailed Spandau MG's
Detailed radial engine
Movable propeller

Decals for 2 versions:
Fokker DR.1, flown by Rittmeister Manfred Freiher von Richthofen, Kommandeur Geschwader 1, (Jastas 4, 6, 10 & 11), March 1918
Fokker DR.1, flown by Leutnant Lothar von Richthofen, Kommandeur Jasta 11, Lechelle, March 1918