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Ready Player One Crystal Keyring

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Carry the Crystal Gate Key with you wherever you go with this fantastic Crystal Key Keyring. A great accessory for lovers of the Ready Player One film or novel, this 2D shaped charm has a keychain attachment. Great for holding your keys together, or for use as a bag charm, the Ready Player One Crystal Key Keyring is a fantastic accessory to take with you next time you venture into the OASIS. The design features the Crystal Gate Key, which is taken from the story of Ready Player One. This key is the last of the three keys from the story, and features the calligraphic letter, 'A', referring to Castle Anorak. Described as Harry Potter for grown-ups, the film adaptation of the acclaimed novel Ready Player One is the latest action packed blockbuster from director Steven Spielberg. The original novel, written by Ernest Cline and published in 2011, is a fabulous work of modern sci-fi and is set in a not-so-distant, dystopian future. This licensed gift range includes new and classic products featuring the main icons and characters from the movie and the book. This Ready Player One Crystal Key Keyring is an officially licensed Ready Player One product.

Size: 7cm

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