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Frozen Magic Ice Sleeve

by Flair

Be just like Queen Elsa and shoot ice into the world around you. With this magical glove you can conceal your ice powers until you're ready to 'let it go'. The sleeve features jewel detailing and lace trimming, reflective of Queen Elsa's dress. The icy blue glitter bracelet secures the spray ice can underneath the child's arm. The spray ice trigger is connected to the bottom of the ring so simply lift your finger to activate the magic ice. Magic ice refill cans and water bottle can slide easily into the bottom of the bracelet. This set contains one magic ice can and one refillable water bottle for endless fun. To increase the longevity of play, the Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve should not be sprayed continuously or for prolonged lengths of time. The refillable water bottle can be used in place of the silly string for endless play. If left for extended periods of time without use, ensure that the silly string can is shaken vigorously for optimum performance and any blockages removed before use. For outdoor use only.

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