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AURORA, 35006, Eco Nation, Wolf, 9.5In, Soft Toy




Discover Eco Nation, Aurora World's eco-friendly collection. Meet the Wolf, a 9.5-inch soft toy made from recycled plastics.


Eco Nation embraces sustainability, crafting each plush toy from recycled materials, ensuring a soft touch while being environmentally conscious.


Our grey, brown, and white Wolf showcases the perfect blend of eco-friendliness, charm, and huggable softness.


Embark on a journey with a plush friend that prioritizes recycled materials, embroidered eyes, and a delightful, touchable texture.


AURORA's Eco Nation Wolf, a perfect gift, combines sustainability, softness, and an adorable design for a memorable plush experience.

Key Findings

Enjoy the benefits of a recycled plush companion, merging environmental responsibility with the joy of a cuddly, eco-conscious Wolf.

Implementation Strategies

Integrate this eco-friendly Wolf seamlessly into your life, knowing each soft hug supports sustainability and ethical toy choices.

Benefits and Challenges

Experience the benefits of a plush friend made from recycled materials, contributing to a greener world with no compromise on softness.

Conclusion and Future Directions

Embrace the Eco Nation Wolf today and step into a future of sustainable, lovable plush companionship.


Introducing AURORA's Eco Nation Wolf, a 9.5-inch soft toy crafted from recycled plastics. This sustainable plush companion features embroidered eyes, eliminating plastic beans. Enjoy a touchable, huggable experience with a grey, brown, and white Wolf that embodies eco-friendliness and charm. Join the journey towards sustainability with this delightful, recycled plush toy, a perfect gift that combines softness with environmental responsibility. Choose Eco Nation for an adorable, eco-conscious plush experience.

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