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Bendy And The Dark Revival - 5" GITD Action Figure - Bendy

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Bendy and the Dark Revival is the much-anticipated return to the creepy cartoon studio of Bendy and the Ink Machine. This time you enter into the nightmare as Audrey who finds herself entangled in the ink-soaked world of Bendy like never before. Deeper, darker, and with more horror-stoked action, the Dark Revival will keep players on the edge of their seat with every chapter. The ink is calling. Bendy is returning.
Fans can now collect their favourite characters in 5" Action Figure form including Cartoon Bendy, Ink Audrey, Ink Bendy & Sammy. Strike a pose with the gang. Each fully posable articulated figure includes 2 unique character accessories and now each figure will Glow In The Dark!
GitD 5" action figure with articulated arms and legs.
Each figure comes with accessories.
Package Dimensions: 23x15x5cm (LxWxH)

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