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POP! Is Taking Over

POP! Is Taking Over

Let’s talk a little bit about Funko Toys or more importantly POP!, POP! Are vinyl figures of all sort of characters from all sorts of pop culture such as Movies, TV, Video Games, Sports and even breakfast cereal (Seriously!).

Because there is such vast range of characters the product appeals to almost everybody however collectors do tend to stay to one particular franchise due to this vast array of characters for example there is 317 POP!’s in the Marvel comic book range which does not include the variants.

This massive product range and appeal of the product has made Funko one of the biggest toy companies in the world.

How Cosmic Duck fits in, We have recently increased our POP! Range and currently hold more than 60 different POP!’s with more on the way. We also sometimes get exclusives currently we have “Black Hair Goku”, “Draco Malfoy Quidditch Ver.” and a few others (Sorry, can’t list them all here).

Please come down to our store or look on or website and have a look at our extensive range of POP!


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